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Counseling Office

Counseling Office 719-358-4362

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Welcome Fountain Community!
We are very excited to partner with you in support of all students at Fountain Middle School! As professional school counselors, we wear many hats here in the building. We are advocates and collaborators who support the social/emotional developmental needs of every student in order to promote academic achievement and preparedness for the future. We believe that providing a link between academic success and life skills are necessary for future plans.  We believe in addressing the needs of the whole child by actively engaging all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services.  As professional school counselors we are dedicated and available to every student and put forth great effort in monitoring student progress and growth to determine appropriate interventions, services, guidance, and adequate follow through.  The FMS Counselor, in collaboration with school, home, and community stakeholders, provides a wealth of resources and promotes a culture that affirms healthy, positive attitudes and responsible citizenship. Some of the services we provide for every FMS student include:

  • Academic planning

    • Tracking student academic progress
    • Collaboration with Team and parents
    • Placement in appropriate classes and interventions, as needed
  • Social/emotional support
    • Individual and group counseling as needed
    • Classroom guidance from SecondStep and Why Try curriculum
  • A positive and healthy school culture and climate
    • School-wide lessons and presentations
    • Support of school-wide campaigns

 If a student is experiencing difficulty, we want to help! We can’t help with a problem that we don’t know exists! We encourage students and parents to contact us right away; the earlier we know the better.
We hope that this gives you a basic idea of who we are, what we do, and how we can best support you. Our favorite part of this job is working with students; that’s the reason we became school counselors. Building relationships and teaming with our families and community members is what we do best! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling the main counseling phone at 719-382-1580 or by emailing us at the addresses below.

We look forward to a wonderful school year!



Mrs. Lori Angell ~ 6th Grade Counselor (719-382-1592)


Ms. Angela Grier ~ 7th Grade Counselor (719-382-1593)


Mrs. Lori Kadzikowski ~ 8th Grade Counselor (719-382-1607)