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Fountain Middle School is proud to be a part of the District 8 AVID program. Our school offers AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) elective courses during our enrichment period, meeting daily for all grade levels. The enrichment course focuses on the necessary steps and skills to help ensure high school, college, and career success in future years. The program is centered on the five outlined AVID competencies known as WICOR, or Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. Although each of these WICOR domains is taught throughout Fountain Middle School in all classes, the elective course is a created as a means to further hone in on these important skills while creating various opportunities for high school and post-secondary readiness. After acceptance into the program, AVID students will invite guest speakers into the classroom, participate in multiple off-site campus visits, partner with local Colorado Springs student leadership programs, and be considered for recommendation into advanced coursework with teacher support throughout the week.

AVID is a fairly unique class with set expectations and a specifically targeted student makeup. The AVID elective course is open to students that:  

  • score average to high test scores
  • maintain a 2.0-3.5 G.P.A
  • demonstrate solid attendance rates
  • display positive citizenship inside and outside of the classroom
  • have the potential to take honors courses
  • hold the desire and determination to work hard in all classes

If you are curious about the AVID program and interested in additional information, please visit the official AVID website or contact the AVID Site Coordinator, Christine Smith at We look forward to seeing your student in AVID!